Megan Fisher | UX Design

i create beautiful, easy-to-use products that people love


Research and Understanding • Product Strategy • User Experience • Visual Design

She is an amazing designer, collaborator, innovator, and team-member. She tackles any project with enthusiasm and optimism…
— Katie Bradshaw (LinkedIn)
Her natural eye for design makes her a strong talent, but her kindness and empathy make her an exceptional UX designer.
— Sania Khan (LinkedIn)
She truly cares. She cares about doing the right thing in life and she cares about who she designs for.
— Brandon Murdock (LinkedIn)
As a developer, working with Megan was wonderful! If you’re looking for someone who you’ll love to work with, I can’t recommend her enough.
— Max Bittman (LinkedIn)

My Strengths

My Results from the Clifton StrengthsFinder Test



People with strong Empathy talents are able to build and form relationships that have great emotional depth. Others feel understood by them and seek their company. Their innate ability to understand the emotions of those around them provides comfort and stability.



People with strong Strategic talents bring creative anticipation, imagination, and persistence to the groups and projects they work on. They can quickly weigh alternative paths and determine the one that will work best and most efficiently. They find the best route moving forward.



Those with strong Restorative talents bring a solution-oriented mindset to daily problems. They readily take on projects that others believe “can’t be saved.” They can analyze a situation, identify potential shortcomings, and make the necessary adjustments.


Get to know me

Hi, my name is Megan...