Advise Student Portal


My Role

  • Market Research 
  • User Interviews 
  • Wireframe Sketches
  • Clickable Prototypes
  • User testing
  • High fidelity mock-ups
  • Specs and Handoff to Dev

The Problem 

Students need to meet with their advisors for a variety of reasons, but setting up an appointment can be a challenge. They need to easily see who their advisors are and be able to schedule an appointment from their mobile device. 

The Solution

Design a mobile experience that allows students and advisors to connect without any roadblocks. 

Our Process


Understand & Observe

Student Time Line.png

Our first step was conducting interviews with many students to understand their preferred methods of communication and schedule management. We also asked about their college experience as a whole to fully understand the big picture and where this product would fit into it. 

What we discovered:

  • There are a lot of tasks involved in being a student outside of schoolwork that can feel like a big hurdle to success.
  • Current products offered by schools are clunky and often don't make things any easier.
  • Most people prefer to plan and schedule appointments online rather than making a phone call. 
  • It is important to students that they can control notifications so they don't miss the important stuff.

user stories.png

Point of View

Based on our findings we began to write out user stories. We made sure to "future-proof" and include additional features that could make the product more substantial, but may not be feasible with out timeframe. 


Market Research

We did extensive market research for each of the user story categories. We searched out unique interactions and creative flows to get inspiration. 

Calendar market research

Calendar market research

market research 1.png

4 different ways of showing available appointment times. 


Our process included many rounds of paper wireframing. When sketching out all of our ideas for each user story, we encouraged each other to really get creative because even off the wall ideas may spark inspiration. Then we would get together and talk about each approach and whether they were interesting and viable.  



By creating paper wireframes we were able to stitch them together into a basic idea for our app. We then utilized our pattern library to figure out the best way to execute our ideas. We ended up enhancing the pattern library through our work as we discovered missing patterns that needed to be included. 

Prototype & Test


By running some early user tests we were able to validate our design decisions and discover any gaps we may have missed. We printed off each screen and figured out how we could solve the gaps and simplify some of the flows. 

With several revisions in place we did another round of testing before finalizing the designs and sending off to development.


The final result

The result of our hard work is a simple interface that allows students to easily schedule and manage appointments with their advisors online. This has proven to be more convenient for students and advisors alike and has made one aspect of college life a whole lot easier. 

Interaction instructions for development.

Megan Murdock